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HPC-N186W Hydraulic Hole Puncher
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Double-Acting Deep Throat Hydraulic Hole Puncher - Mains Powered

This hole puncher features a particularly deep throat which allows for more versatile cutting.

HPC-N186W Hydraulic Hole Puncher Hole Size Icons

HPC-N186W Hydraulic Hole Puncher


Dimensions LxWxH
Max. throat depth
Max. hole size


710 W, Single Phase, 110 V/230 V, 50-60 Hz ac
11.3 kg
492 x 127 x 335 mm
60 mm
Mild steel: ø18 x t6
Stainless steel: ø18 x t4 or ø14 x t5

12 mm punch, 12 mm Type-B die
Carry case
Removable handle
Adjustment tools
Hydraulic oil
Work stand
8 mm and 10 mm spanners
Hex wrench 3,4,5 and 8 mm